10 Exchange Street
Portland, Maine
Flowers & Candy is a boutique for the discerning urban Portlander, as well as the enlightened traveler. The focus of the store is to showcase the creative depth and quality of American craftsmanship with an emphasis on Maine craftspeople. The business will primarily be a high-end lifestyle accessory boutique, marketing to the affluent, active adult customer, as well as the upwardly mobile Millenial and Gen-Z. Because beautiful things deserve good company, we will offer hand-crafted furniture and containers from the best local designers. Additionally, we will provide a selection of Everyday Carry essentials, must-have gadgets, pouches, and personal organization for the young mobile-savvy professional. To round off the vision we will be introducing a “Cannabis Adjacent” selection of products for the enjoyment of the newly legalized marijuana market, and its tourism opportunities. We are not planning, at this time, to provide any THC products themselves. We will carry the devices and accessories that would appeal to the more adult customer who might be hesitant to shop in the decidedly more “college” atmosphere of a “head-shop”. Also available would be candy and confectionery from legal providers in their unmedicated, family-friendly variety, to showcase local confectioners and provide information to the curious or inexperienced and especially to the more gourmet connoisseur.
Eden and Drew Millecchia came to Portland, Maine from Williamsburg, Brooklyn after the birth of their twin boys in 2005. Drew has been an Entrepreneur, Enterprise Software Engineer and CTO for the last 20 years. Eden is a visionary fashion accessory designer with an eye for style and decor, as well as a cookware expert who assisted the launch of the Williams-Sonoma New York flagship store. It is her pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship and design that drive the vision and purpose of Flowers and Candy.